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Leigh (a white female) leant against a mustard yellow wall. She's in a pink top with the sleeves rolled up, and navy trousers. She's smiling, and raising her left arm in a gesture.


Senior creative copywriter

Finding the right words is tricky.

People pay me to play with words. Because words are important.

Words can confuse. Raise a smile. Paint a picture. Cause offence, anger. Make you switch off or zone out. Stir emotion. Spark a memory. Engage. Educate.

I help brands, clients and small businesses get their message across to the people that need to hear it. I add a human touch, so good ideas don’t go to waste. And in a way that doesn’t make them sound like a corporate robot.

Choosing the right words is an art. But more than that, they can help you stand out from your competitors, shape relationships with your customers, even save you pennies (and pennies make pounds).