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“The way Leigh transformed our letters has been awesome”

Leigh immediately understood that I wanted all my documentation to tell readers about our philosophy not just words. The way Leigh transformed our letters has been awesome and extremely cost effective too. Thank you Leigh!

Phil Bessant – Director at Phil Bessant Limited

“no fuss, and a healthy dose of humour”

Leigh was not fazed by a project which involved a subject area she knew little about. Instead she made sure she researched the company and the services it offered, so that the copy content for the ad we were creating both increased brand awareness and ultimately persuaded potential clients to contact the company. And this was all done with no fuss, and a healthy dose of humour.

Dawn Greenstreet - Designer at Sublime

“she's got a penchant for a creative headline”

Leigh's a really good writer. She can make the driest, most complex dumps of information clear and concise, and she's got a penchant for a creative headline too. I was her manager in 2017 while she was in-house with Prudential, and she was always great to work with.

Nick Padmore – Creative Director, Schwa

“not remotely fazed by technical subjects”

Leigh's great at taking complex content and making it miles more readable and on tone. She's not remotely fazed by technical subjects, and she always thinks deeply about the reader to make her copy as friendly and useful as possible. She's lovely to work with, too!

Marianne Powell – Director at Ideas Et Cetera

“no giant ego”

It's not about big words, or about showing off. It's about having the right words at the right time to get the right message across. Leigh's great to work with. She doesn't hide from the people who challenge her, and knows how to be lighthearted whilst getting the job done. Fun loving and no giant ego - that's how I'll remember Leigh.

Lee Duff – Commercial Product Manager, Prudential

“She's courageous, focussed and highly tactical”

Leigh is an absolute star. I can't recommend her highly enough. She's courageous, focussed and highly tactical. It's rare to find all these great team qualities rolled into one cracking wordsmith... But that is Leigh James. A rare find for any team leader. Snap her up (if you're lucky enough to find her between her freelance gigs).

Martin Hennessey – Entrepreneur

“the sort of mind that I imagine must be able to put together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle”

Leigh is a fab writer. I was lucky enough to manage her while we were working with a large financial company. And during that time, I regularly heard about how she was a solid wordsmith. But also that she was able to absorb and somehow remember the intricacies of the industry. She has the sort of mind that I imagine must be able to put together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle in her head. But instead of a jigsaw, it's a thousand letters. And she's making sure they all fit together.

Lewis Dowling – writer, storyteller, consultant

“Leigh can write! That’s the headline.”

Leigh can write! That’s the headline. She’s detailed, articulate, and can spot things that fly under the radar of us mere mortals. But that’s old news; look at all these endorsements. Leigh has mentored me from my very first day, and most of the time she didn’t even mean to. Every time we work on something, I attain some new nugget of wisdom. She’s gone out of her way to help me whenever she can, and she’s been a constant source of support and knowledge throughout my time at The Writer. Anyone else who gets a chance to work with her is a lucky human.

Aidan McNally – junior writer, The Writer

“especially good at cutting out all of the waffle and processy stuff”

I’ve been working with this top notch wordsmith for over a year now. Leigh has a keen eye for detail - especially good at cutting out all of the waffle and processy stuff. She crafts every word she writes for the reader. And while a lot of folks might say their no1. priority is the customer I know Leigh genuinely means it. She’s a very supportive team member too. What more could you ask for? I mean, maybe the super human ability to fly... so, yeah, get working on that Leigh.

Lily Bonner – creative content lead

“Why couldn't I have written it like that?”

Leigh is a brilliant magician. She can turn the driest, dullest technical pensions blurb into something which is clear, friendly and easy to understand. That's no mean feat. And it's not just me that thinks that. That was the feedback from customer research. Intelligent questioning of the brief means she really understands what needs to be said. When I read her words I usually find myself thinking 'Why couldn't I have written it like that?' Oh and she is great to work with too. I wonder how she would have written this? One thing I can be pretty sure of is that it would be half as long. :-)

David Leigh – Director, specialist advice, Coutts

“the way she is able to absorb, interpret and deliver results against a brief is second to none”

Leigh worked within my team at British Gas for a number of years in a critical copy-writing role and was a highly valued, trusted and frankly brilliant member of the gang. Her creativity is awesome and the way she is able to absorb, interpret and deliver results against a brief is second to none. Always positive and determined.

Ali Bathews – Head of Correspondence Solutions

“tenacity to get to the nub of the problem”

Leigh is an exceptionally talented copy writer and I would highly recommend her for any organisation. Leigh has a natural ability and tenacity to get to the nub of the problem and clearly articulates options that have the customer at the heart. Her passion for copy writing is clear and she's a real asset to have in the team.

Jo Haxley – Head of MyAviva Propositions, Aviva

““crafts copy that's always 100% spot on, 100% of the time”

I worked with Leigh at British Gas for over seven years. And I can hand on heart say if you're looking for a copywriter that will get to the nub of the marketing problem/opportunity and come up with a truly customer centric response... look no further. To put it simply, she mines a brief to come up with gold - and crafts copy that's always 100% spot on,100% of the time. You'll have to be quick though, as she will be very much in demand.

Jon-Paul Snee – Head of Copy