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How I’ll collect your info, and use itr
Personal info

When you fill in my contact form there’s a good chance I’ll use this the information for it to get back to you. I’ll never pass your information on to anyone else. Pinky promise.

Anonymous stuff

My site will automatically record your browsing habits – like when you’re logging on and where from, and what you look at when you’re here. It’s the kind of information that tells me how many people land on my site, what they look at. When I stop writing it’s the kind of thing I can use to make my site better.


Not the yummy kind, sorry.

Nearly every site you browse will pop up talking about cookies. Just like them, my site uses cookies to remember you. It’s a small text file that a site transfers to your computer. They help make a site faster and easier to use – like when there’s a form, it might automatically fill in your name, email and address.

Changing this ‘privacy policy’

If there’s a change to my privacy policy, I’ll update it here.

Scratching your head?

If you want to know more about how I’ll use your information, get in touch,

Letter Press deets

My registered address is 3 Heol-y-Gerddi, Pencoed, Bridgend, CF35 6SL.

My company number is 11598962