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Creating an energy app

Managing your energy from your mobile.

I created end-to-end in-app copy for me (mobile energy), from British Gas. I sat side-by-side with designers working on wireframes, and carved out bespoke customer journeys with business leads.

me was a way for people to control their energy entirely through a smartphone app. The app became a streamlined version of the standard British Gas energy service – stripped back to be as simple as possible, while using and working within the limitations of the provider’s standard systems.

Making the most of a boom in renting, the app was targeted at people in rented and/or shared housing. It gave them a way to easily split their bills, see how much their bill was, and what the next bill might be, as well as functionality like giving a meter reading. It also made moving easier, by taking their account with them.

me also gave customers rewards for certain actions. Allowed them to compare energy use with friends or people on the same street. And get an on-demand boiler repair.

mobile energy was a pioneer for features we now take for granted.